Monthly Archives: July 2006

Mitsubishi 4.3 inch display

Mitsubishi Japan has announced the AA043MA01 a 4.3 inch TFT-LCD display for use in Portable devices. The display supports a resolution of 800 x 480 with a contrast ratio of 500:1 and..

Sunconnection SC-MP001W MP3 player

The SC-MP001W form Sunconnection Japan is a no frills MP3 player. It has only the basic controls Play, Stop, change track and volume control in the similiar iPod click wheel style. The..

Sanyo MP3 voice recorders ICR-S178M/ICR-S177M

The MP3 format voice recorders ICR-S178M/ICR-S177M from Sanyo comes with built in stereo microphone for high quality sound recording. As sound is recorded in MP3 format high quality sound recording and play..

Green House GH-KANA-GT MP3/FM Transmitter Player

The portable MP3/WMA audio player GH-KANA-GT series from Green House Corporation adds a built in FM transmitter. The player is available in 4 different colors:-blue, red, black and silver. The MP3/WMA flash..

Sanyo DMP-M400SD MP3 player

The Sanyo DMP-M400SD (S) MP3 player comes with no built-in memory, instead requiring you to purchase one SD card separately. The card serves as the player’s storage for MP3 and WMA (including..

NEC MultiSync LCD1990FX and LCD1990FXp displays

The newest displays in NEC’s professional MultiSync 90-series, the MultiSync LCD1990FX and the LCD1990FXp have 150-mm height-adjustable stands, pivot for either portrait or landscape mode, and contain ultra-thin borders around the screen..

Pioneer DVJ-1000 DVD/CD player

The new DVD/CD player DVJ-1000 from Pioneer Corporation plays DVD’s and MP3 from DVD-R/RW too! This amazing unit allows you to manipulate video as well as audio – even scratching and looping..

By-Dsign 27” and 32” LCD TV

By-Dsign has unveiled their new 27-inch LCD TV“LW-2700AR” and 32-inch “LW-3200AR” for direct sale in limited quantity. The 27-inch LCD TV offers 1,280×720 resolution, picture brightness of 550cd//m2 and Contrast ratio of..

Epson ES-H300 A4 flat bed document scanner

The Epson ES-H300 A4 flat bed document scanner makes document warehousing a simple task, with high-speed scanning at the touch of a button-11 color/27 monochrome pages per minute. With both sides scanning,..

JVC HP-RX500/ HP-RX300 Headphones

The new HP-RX500/ HP-RX300 Headphones from Nippon Victor Corporation are inexpensive and feature comfortable ear cups, a convenient fold-up design, an auto retracting one side 3.5m cord, and solid sound quality. The..

Buffalo BHB4-U207 series USB Hub cable

The “BHB4-U207 series” from Buffalo Corporation is a USB Hub with cables branching out into two and four USB2.0 connectors. This cable avoids the difficulty, interference faced when connecting USB cables in..

Altec Lansing inMotion iM500 for iPod nano

Altec Lansing has unveiled its inMotion iM500, compact, lightweight and super-thin portable audio system for Apple’s iPod nano.The iM500 uses innovative broad-faced speaker cones, which provide more surface area to drive more..

Humanoid Robot HRP-2m Choromet

Using research results from the Humanoid Research Group of the Intelligent Systems Research Institute of AIST, two start-up companies approved by AIST have developed a humanoid robot called “HRP-2m Choromet,” or “Choromet,”..

Panasonic 7.1ch AV amplifier SU-XR700

The new Panasonic 7.1ch AV amplifier SU-XR700 can be linked with HDMI cable for seamless connection with Panasonic VIERA Series TV’s and DIGA series DVD recorders from Panasonic. The HDMI connection eliminates..