Monthly Archives: February 2007

OSD 7 inch TFT LCD display

Onestopdisplays (OSD) has released a new 800xRGBx480 (WVGA) resolution TFT-LCD display with a digital RGB TTL interface and high-brightness LED backlight. This display features a digital RGB 18-bit TTL interface standard and..

Ginichi Japan tether lockII

Ginichi, Japan has come out with a unique device to protect your expensive digital camera from tripping down , IEEE1394 and the USB cable being disconnected from the camera accidentally when some..

The end of BenQ Mobile

The mobile phone manufacturer BenQ Mobile, which at one time employed more than 3000 people in Germany, will be broken up and liquidated. Talks with the last party interested in taking over..

Rockridgesound Japan 2.1 ch speaker system for iPod

Rockridgesound Japan has launched active 2.1 ch speaker system “Sound Terminal/iSR-01″for iPod with built in AM/FM radio tuner. The active 2.1 ch speaker system is compatible from 3rd generation iPods. The speaker..

Ionic USB air purifier

Ultra-small and light USB air purifier from Ionic, Korea is specially designed to filter and eliminate airborne germs in your personal space. The Ionic USB Air Purifier will substantially improve the air..

Fujifilm FinePix S700

The new seven-MegaPixel, long zoom, SLR-styled FinePix S700 is ideal for families seeking to kick it up a notch with a more advanced, compact SLR-style digital camera without losing operational simplicity, the..

Sharp SH903iTV Mobile Phone

Sharp Japan has launched a cute mobile phone in Japan compatible with the terrestrial digital broadcast service. The Sharp mobile SH903iTV with FOMA terminal (FOMA, officially short for Freedom of Mobile Multimedia..