Monthly Archives: May 2007

Livescribe Launches New Mobile Computing Platform

Livescribe today unveiled a new chapter in mobile computing – a new paper-based computing platform. The Livescribe platform turns plain paper into a computer screen and bridges the gap between the paper..

Japanese Robot Miuro Dances to IPod Music

A new Japanese robot twists and rolls to iPod tunes in an intricate dance based on complex mathematics, a technology developer said will one day enable robots to move about spontaneously instead..

Panoramio Announces Planned Acquisition by Google

Message posted on Panoramio web site:- Today, we are pleased to announce the planned acquisition of Panoramio by Google. This acquisition is a great opportunity for Panoramio uploaders to leverage Google’s reach,..

The Palm Foleo mobile companion

With its stunning 10-inch wide color screen (supports either 1024-by-600 or 1024-by-768 resolution) and full-size keyboard, the Palm Foleo mobile companion connects wirelessly with your Smartphone to help you do more on..

Green House KanaGT 1GB DAP with FM transmitter

Green House Corporation Japan has launched a sleek 1GB digital audio player KanaGT with built in FM transmitter. The digital audio player plays MP3/WMA files. You get bored listening to the same..