Monthly Archives: September 2007

Kodak 805 Photo Printer

The new Kodak Photo Printer is optimized for lower print volume environments. The Kodak 805 Photo Printer enables retailers to offer their consumers 8×10 and 8×12 enlargements, collages, and calendars in seconds…

KODAK Picture Kiosk GS Compact

Kodak today introduced the KODAK Picture Kiosk GS Compact, an entry-level, self-service digital picture printing solution, which opens business opportunities for new retail locations, including smaller and non-traditional environments. Well-suited for locations..

Slingbox SOLO

The newly launched Slingbox SOLO allows you to watch and control your favorite TV source—including your HD content—from anywhere in the world on your laptop or cell phone. So now you can..

Creative MuVo T100 MP3 player

The portable audio player MuVo T100 from Creative is a simple MP3 player with a USB terminal. The MuVo T100 does not have a display and can be used as a pen..

Dell unveils the XPS M1730 ‘Beast’

Dell today unleashed the XPS M1730 notebook, aka “the beast,” for gamers who want to experience the peak of mobile gaming performance. The Dell XPS M1730 is the world’s first notebook to..

Epson G Series SCARA Robots

Epson today launched the New High-Speed, High-Precision G Series SCARA Robots with top-class motion capabilities to respond to a broad range of equipment specifications. The robots in this series have greatly increased..

HP Voodoo ENVY M:152 Gaming Notebook

HP today introduced the Voodoo ENVY M:152 notebook PC, setting a new standard for combined portability and performance. The HP ENVY M:152 is the first Voodoo notebook to feature the breakneck speeds..

Sony NW-A910 TV Walkman

After the Video Walkman and the HD Video Walkman Sony is out with the TV Walkman, yes the NW-A910 series come with an internal one-seg TV tuner for watching digital TV. The..

Toshiba gigabeat V41

The latest Toshiba PMP gigabeat V41 with 4 GB internal memory, 3.5 QVGA TFT LCD and SD/SDHC card slot (8GB Max) is available in three pleasing colors. Direct video recording from 1Seg..