Monthly Archives: December 2007

Paper-like Battery can be rolled like paper!

A scientist displays his invention-“Paper-like Battery”-at a hotel in eastern China’s Wenzhou on Wednesday, Dec. 26, 2007. The “Paper-like Battery” is only 0.5 millimeter thick and can be rolled like paper. The..

PQI Ultra Portable Traveling Disk i201

The new PQI Traveling Disk i201 utilizes PQI’s patented Intelligent Stick interface to create an ultra portable size USB flash drive. Designed for the younger generation, it is available in a variety..

Asus Innovative AF-200 and MF-200 webcams

Asus innovative webcams AF-200 and MF-200 utilize a specially designed ultra big F/1.6 aperture similar to those specialized camera lenses used by professional photographers. Together with a broad 80° angle of view..


MPIO has announced their new flash-based, the MG-300 with 320 x 240 resolution 2.4 inch LCD screen. The player supports AVI format for video play back. The MPIO MG-300 is available in..

Honda first to offer Drive Recorder

Honda will start offering a drive recorder as a dealer option. Honda is the first automobile manufacturer that ever sells drive recorders, which have only been available from auto supply manufacturers. Not..