Monthly Archives: April 2008

Elecom Egg Mouse is 20 years old!

Elecom launched the first egg mouse in the late 1980s when Windows 95 was launched. At that time there was no specific design for a mouse. Eleco launched its first egg mouse..

MSI Titan 700 Energy Saving compact Mini-ITX

MSI Titan 700 barebone is based on the IPC Mini-ITX form factor and comes with VIA CN700 + 8237R+ chipset, which provides users with high performance and stability. Aside from its sleek..

OCZ Special Ops Edition DDR3 Series for Gamers

OCZ Technology today announced the Special Ops Edition DDR3 Series, available in both PC3-8500 and PC3-10666 kits featuring the high densities and stability gamers demand. These DDR3 kits are ideal for users..

Lenovo IdeaPad U110 notebook PC launched

Lenovo today announced the availability of the IdeaPad U110 consumer notebook PC, the star of Lenovo’s IdeaPad entertainment and fashion-oriented notebook collection and winner of three Best-of-Show awards at the 2008 Consumer..

Mazda6 Specifically developed for North America

Specifically developed for North America, the all-new Mazda6 inherits and evolves the sporty styling and superb driving performance of the first generation Mazda6. The North American Mazda6 model features a larger body..