Monthly Archives: May 2008

VIA launches 64-bit VIA Nano Processor Family

VIA today announced the new VIA Nano processor family based on the VIA Isaiah Architecture. The first 64-bit, superscalar, speculative out-of-order processors in VIA’s x86 platform portfolio, VIA Nano processors have been..

LaCie 4X d2 Blu-ray Drive

LaCie has doubled burn speeds to 4X for it d2 Blu-ray Drive and has updated the aluminum alloy case and software suite. The drive records, rewrites and reads 25 gigabytes (GB) or..

Planex USB audio adapter PL-US35AP

The planex USB audio adapter allows you to enjoy crystal clear music and voice chatting when connected to your PC/laptop USB port. The adapter with built in headphone and microphone input system..

Thanko 4GB Solar MP4 Player

Thanko Solar MP4 player comes with an innovative idea of integrating solar panels onto MP4 player so that you won’t run out of juice anytime anywhere. The 4 GB MP4 player with..