Hello Kitty 5.0 Mega Pixel digital camcorder-DV520KT

Exemode today announced the launch of Hello Kitty 5.0 Mega Pixel digital camcorder-DV520KT.The Hello Kitty video camera with 4x digital zoom comes equipped with 2.0 (inches) TFT color LCD monitor. The camera can record video (640 × 320 pixels or 480 × 240 pixels) at 30fps/15fps. The recording media is SD / SDHC cards (up to 8GB). Other features include-built in 32MB flash memory, voice and still image recording. The built in LED light for shooting in dim light works well with the camera.

Powered by two easily available AAA batteries, Hello Kitty DV520KT measures 39 × 100 × 55.7mm and weighs 110g. With a set of new alkaline batteries, the camera can shoot approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes of video and 2,540 still images. Exemode Hello Kitty 5.0 Mega Pixel digital camcorder-DV520KT will be available in Japan from June 25, for approximately 7.980 yen ($87).


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