Casio launches Slim PRO TREK Line of Watches Featuring STN Display for Enhanced Readability

Casio announced today the release of the PRW-3100, the latest addition to its PRO TREK line of outdoor watches. The new PRW-3100 is available in four models and features a super-twisted nematic (STN) display for enhanced readability. The new PRW-3100 watches are based on the PRW-3000 watch with Triple Sensor, Ver. 3, now adding a high-contrast STN display that offers wide viewing angles for enhanced readability. With its flat bezel, the case of PRW-3100 is 0.3 mm thinner than the PRW-3000, presenting a slim design that comfortably fits the wrists of men and women alike.

Casio_protek_PRW-3100_STN_displayThe bezel is made from stainless steel, giving the watch a sharp look. The PRW-3100 offers high utility including an atmospheric pressure tendency alarm that gives notification in response to sudden swings in atmospheric pressures, and Multi Band 6 technology for receiving time-calibration signals transmitted from six stations around the world.
protek_watchesThe Casio PRO TREK series of outdoor watches leverages cutting-edge Casio sensor technology to measure different types of outdoor data including compass bearing, altitude/atmospheric pressure, and temperature. Casio developed “Triple Sensor, Ver. 3” in 2013, downsizing of the sensors and realizing improved precision.

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