Mitsubishi Electric to install high-speed elevators in two major Chengdu Skyscrapers

Mitsubishi Electric announced today it has received orders for the installation of high-speed elevators in Chengdu Hilton International Square and Chengdu International Mart, two building complexes currently under construction and scheduled to be opened in 2013 in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China. A total of 88 units of elevators and escalators are planned for these projects. At Chengdu Hilton International Square, a 165.8-meter, mixed-use building complex incorporating offices, residences and a hotel, 48 sets of elevators will be installed, including 11 sets of high-speed models that can travel up to six meters per second, as well as four sets of escalators.

For Chengdu International Mart, a 39-story, 168-meter structure housing offices, residences and commercial facilities, Chengdu Sino-Strong Co., Ltd., placed an order for 36 sets of elevators, including four high-speed models that can travel up to six meters per second.

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