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Fujitsu introduces 20-port 10Gbps Ethernet switch IC

Fujitsu have introduced the 20-port, 10Gbps Ethernet (10GbE) switch IC, the MB8AA3020, designed to meet the performance demands of high-density backplane switching for advanced TCA (ATCA) and micro TCA, blade server, and..

Nikon LED magnifier “light” 4D/8D

Nikon has introduced Nikon light/write equipped magnifier “light” 4D/8D. These magnifiers come with LED so can be used when there is less light, in dark etc.The white advanced LED gives natural light..

eMARK World’s thinnest waterproof keyboard

The eMARK Super Mobile Keyboard from kimura metal Industrial Corporation is the world’s thinnest spill-resistant keyboard. ! The USB eMARK keyboard is just 1mm thick with Vinyl covering. The retraction USB cable..

Evergreen DN-DO31S Optical digital selector

The Optical digital selector DN-DO31S from Evergreen Corporation allows you to connect three optical digital voice equipments like DVD player, CD player and satellite broadcast tuner to an AV amplifier at a..

DVD vending machines for Tokyo metro

Tokyo metro will install 10 DVD vending machines with up to 330 titles each for 24 hrs a day for commuters who wish to watch movies at home etc.Each DVD rental will..

Money talks – The best of Luxurylaunches

This week we kicked off our fresh series of the Most Expensive- with The Most Expensive- Coffees as it’s the one of the most chugged concoction in the world. Celebration Mickey, a..

BenQ LinkPro for MP620/770/720p Projectors

When you don’t want to be bothered with cables, use the new BenQ LinkPro to run your presentation from a PC wirelessly. The BenQ Wireless Wizard software makes it easy, with automatic..

Planex PL-35UXA HDD Enclosure/Card Reader/USB Hub

PL-35UXA is a 3 in 1: HDD Enclosure/Card Reader/USB Hub from Planex Corporation. The fan-less noiseless plastic design case supports 3.5 inch HDD up to750GB capacity. With both USB 2.0 and IEEE1394..