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NHC ADY-30512 Portable Media Player

The sleek portable media player “ADY-30512” from NHC Corporation lets you take all your movies, music and photos in a light, pocket-sized player wherever you need to be. With built in 512MB..

Nikon LED magnifier “light” 4D/8D

Nikon has introduced Nikon light/write equipped magnifier “light” 4D/8D. These magnifiers come with LED so can be used when there is less light, in dark etc.The white advanced LED gives natural light..

eMARK World’s thinnest waterproof keyboard

The eMARK Super Mobile Keyboard from kimura metal Industrial Corporation is the world’s thinnest spill-resistant keyboard. ! The USB eMARK keyboard is just 1mm thick with Vinyl covering. The retraction USB cable..