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Ghost detecting USB drive

It’s the world’s first ghost detector with built-in USB memory. Whenever a paranormal event occurs, it is said that there’s a slight variation in the magnetic field. The GhostRadar USB drive detects..

IOCell Vaccinedrive

IOCell Korea has launched the Vaccinedrive, the world’s first USB Flash drive with an embedded anti virus engine. The VaccineDrive ensures the integrity of stored data against viruses, spyware, adware and other..

Sharp “TU-HD200” Digital Tuner for AQUOS LCD TV

The compact terrestrial digital tuner “TU-HD200 “from Sharp Corporation Japan can be placed vertically or horizontally to match with the famous “AQUOS “series liquid crystal televisions. Just connect the tuner to an..

Bluedot “BDP-1020” Portable DVD Player

The Blue Dot, portable DVD player “BDP-1020 “has a 10.2 inch liquid crystal display which can be turned 180 degrees which is quiet practical. It is also to play with the screen..