Nikon announces NSR-S622D ArF Immersion Scanner for high-volume manufacturing of the 20nm process node

Nikon today announced the release of its latest ArF immersion scanner, NSR-S622D. NSR-S622D has been developed for high-volume manufacturing of the 20nm process node (capable of handling multiple patterning) by further enhancing the accuracy of the proven NSR-S621D Streamlign Platform with a reputation for high accuracy and productivity. MMO (Mix and Match Overlay: machine-to-machine overlay accuracy), which is critical in multiple patterning, in particular, has been markedly improved to meet customers’ demand for stable production.

Nikon NSR-S622D realizes an improved Mix and Match overlay accuracy (MMO) by enhancing the projection lens performance and autofocus mechanism, while continuing to maintain the high throughput achieved in NSR-S621D. This enables an extremely high productivity of more than 200wph throughput and super high accuracy of 3.5nm MMO, contributing to stable volume manufacturing at chip makers’ cutting edge production lines.

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