Casio Announces BABY-G Collaboration Model Featuring Globe-Trotting Hello Kitty

Casio announced today the release of BABY-G collaboration model featuring Globe-Trotting Hello Kitty. This is the latest addition to Casio’s BABY-G line of women’s shock-resistant watches, based on the concept of “Tough and Cool.” The BGA-190KT is a collaboration model inspired by a globe-trotting Hello Kitty and will be available in two models.

The minute hand is decorated with Hello Kitty’s trademark red ribbon, and the watch band is covered with Hello Kitty-style illustrations arranged like random passport stamps, to set the mood for travel. The back plate and special packaging feature an originally-designed pilot Hello Kitty to commemorate the collaboration.

The base model for the collaboration model is the BGA-190, which is popular among avid travelers for Dual Dial World Time that simultaneously shows the time in two cities. Inspired by a globe-trotting Hello Kitty, the watch is designed to appeal to women who enjoy traveling. The Casio BGA-190KT is designed to inspire travel, extending to the special packaging that includes a box styled like a suitcase that is essential for every trip.

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