Epson Moverio BT-200 smart-glasses to be used in Kofun Virtual Guide service in Japan

Epson_BT-200_MoverioEpson, in partnership with Asukamura (a village in Nara Prefecture, Japan), the Ikeuchi Laboratory of Tokyo University, and Tokyo-based AsukaLab , will demonstrate Kofun Virtual Guide using Epson’s new Moverio BT-200 smart-glasses. The demonstration will be conducted on the weekends of February 22-23 and March 1-2 at the Ishibutai Kofun, an ancient stone tomb located in Asukamura. Asukamura and Tokyo University have been working together since 2004 on Virtual Asukakyo, a project in which Asuka, an ancient capital of Japan, is recreated using computer-generated images and augmented reality (AR) technology.
Epsont_virtual_tourguideEpson will provide 10 pairs of Moverio BT-200 smart glasses for use in a joint demonstration associated with this project. Moverio smart-glasses will be tested with an augmented reality application to allow interested visitors to use the Kofun Virtual Guide service to view 3D images depicting the construction of the Ishibutai Kofun. Visitors will easily be able to enjoy amazing stereoscopic, 360-degree panoramic computer-generated images overlaid on the real-world environment.
3D_virtual_world_epsonAsukamura will use this demonstration to evaluate the advantages of see-through smart-glasses and identify potential issues as it explores practical uses for tourist guide services and systems that virtually recreate ruins.
Epson_MOVERIO BT-200

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