Fujitsu Virtual Product Simulator cuts time of an assembly procedure manual from 40 hours to less than three hours

Fujitsu and Digital Process Limited today announced the immediate availability of FJVPS V15L13, a new Virtual Product Simulator from Fujitsu (FJVPS) digital production preparation tool for customers in the assembly manufacturing industry that assists in considering product assembly processes using 3D models. FJVPS V15L13 features a newly developed batch creation function for assembly procedures (patent pending) that enables one-step assembly flow generation based on the shape and attributes of a 3D model. In addition, the software’s assembly procedure editor makes review easy with an eye toward workload efficiency while incorporating changes into new procedures.

As a result, the software is able to reduce by up to 90% the amount of work involved in the process of considering assembly procedures and documenting them in video. For instance, in the case of a product such as a mid-range printer or ATM consisting of roughly 1,000 components, the software can speed up the production of an assembly procedure manual from 40 hours needed prior to FJVPS deployment, to less than three hours.

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