LG Innotek Collaborates with Microsoft for Cloud-supporting 3D Sensing Cameras

LG Innotek has joined hands with Microsoft to unblock access to 3D vision technology and unleash innovation across multiple industry verticals such as: fitness, healthcare, logistics and retail with LG Innotek’s ToF (Time of Flight) technology-based 3D camera modules and Microsoft’s Azure Depth Platform. A ToF module is a core 3D sensing camera component that can recognize three-dimensionality, spatial information and movement of an object by using the distance calculated based on the return time of the light shot toward and bounced off of a target object.

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With this collaboration, the two companies will drive customer value to the Azure ecosystem across multiple industries. For example, LG Innotek’s 3D ToF cameras can be used with Azure in fitness to more precisely measure motions. In healthcare, they can be used to measure patients’ posture and body shape and conduct robot-assisted surgery. Partners in the retail or logistics industries can use the technology to manage inventory and analyze customer traffic. In factories, these cloud-connected cameras can monitor and analyze production lines to prevent accidents. LG Innotek plans to mass-produce the Azure-dedicated ToF module in the second half of the year.

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