LG brings Cinema 3D TV at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

LG continued its push to dominate the home 3D TV market with a grand event at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to introduce its patented Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) CINEMA 3D TV to a discerning Middle East audience for the first time. Megan Fox, star of the Michael Bay films Transformers, headlined the posh event at the sprawling Ferrari World, billed as the world?s largest theme park.

And with CINEMA 3D TVs offering the full range of LG’s internet-linked Smart TV functions, there’s no need to make any difficult choices. A Home Dashboard provides an easy interface to access the TVs’ vast selection of content, customized LG Apps pro-vide additional functions and Smart Share allows users to quickly and easily share con-tent between the TV and other digital devices.
LG is pinning its strategy on customers seeing 3D as a highly desirable feature once the inconvenience of shutter glasses and the lack of good content are resolved.

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