Nikon launches 3D image conversion service for viewing 3D images on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame

Nikon today announced the launch of my Picturetown 3D, a new 3D imaging service that offers 3D image conversion over the Internet for viewing of 3D images on a dedicated 3D digital photo frame in Japan. Nikon my Picturetown 3D is a service for registered Japanese members that offers a 3D image conversion service available from Nikon’s my Picturetown, an online image sharing and storage service, and supports viewing of 3D images without specialized eyewear on the new Nikon NF-300i 3D digital photo frame. The primary services offered are as follows:-Loan of an NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, , 3D image conversion of still images stored on my Picturetown and Viewing and sharing services for 3D image utilizing my Picturetown functions.

The above services not only allow users to view their photos in dynamic 3D format, but also enable the sharing of 3D images between NF-300i 3D digital photo frames. The Android mobile operating system adopted for the NF-300i 3D digital photo frame, enables the inclusion of functions other than simple image viewing, including a calendar, a clock and display of weather information. my Picturetown 3D is only available in Japan for a nominal fee of ¥1,995($24)per month or ¥19,950($244) per year.