NTT DATA and RESTEC Announces World’s Most Precise Global 3D Map Service AW3D

NTT DATA and the Remote Sensing Technology Center of Japan (RESTEC) announced today that their global digital 3D map service, AW3D, became the world’s first five-meter-resolution 3D map covering all global land spaces, including Antarctica. AW3D the world’s most precise global 3D map service, uses a digital elevation model (DEM) with five-meter resolution based on some three million satellite images taken by the DAICHI Advanced Land Observing Satellite (ALOS) of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).

Tokyo_ Digital 3D MapAW3D global digital 3D map service with its high-detail five-meter resolution covering the entire world will provide new data for greater insight into global issues. Customers can use the service to address needs in infrastructure, transportation, disaster prevention and much more. Specific applications could include identifying areas vulnerable to tsunamis or landslides caused by large earthquakes, devising global-scale construction plans of multinational companies, improving global-scale traffic simulation or navigation for air and ground transportation, streamlining resource and energy studies and logistics, and evaluating climate-change risks due to rising seas or glacial melting.
Building_focused 3D map_Yokohama_JapanIn addition to the standard AW3DTM global digital 3D map service with five-meter resolution, NTT DATA and RESTEC are also launching enhanced and building-focused services using high resolution satellite imagery. The enhanced service offers a high-definition and high-resolution 3D map at half-meter or two-meter resolution, both of which are offered on an on-demand basis. The building-focused service utilizes satellite images shot in near proximity to offer highly detailed pictures of structures and their heights in a vector-map format suitable for simulations, such as those identifying areas of co-channel interference or analyzing site perspectives for construction projects. AW3DTM is available to individuals, companies or organizations that require map data covering specific geographic areas. Prices are available upon request.

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