Olympus Medical announces world’s first 3D laparoscope with deflectable tip

Olympus_3D laparoscope
Olympus Medical Systems starting in late April 2013, progressively commence sales throughout the world of a 3D laparoscopy system capable of presenting three dimensional images of internal organs during surgery, and a 3D laparoscope with world-first deflectable tip. Designed to provide even greater accuracy in laparoscopic surgery, the newly developed products are respectively a 3D laparoscopy system and 3D laparoscope that provide three dimensional images of the tissue being operated on. The 3D images help make surgery faster and more precise by giving a realistic view of the tissue being operated on and providing the viewer with the depth perception that is lacking from conventional 2D image.

Connecting the 3D laparoscope to the system to enable 3D imaging gives greater depth perception of the tissue being operated on, something that was lacking in the flat images provided by previous 2D imaging systems. This supports faster and more accurate laparoscopic surgery. The new 3D laparoscope is the first in the world to incorporate a deflectable tip. This provides users with view field flexibility as well as operating characteristics that are similar to the 2D products with which they are already familiar.

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