Panasonic to exhibit worlds largest glasses-free 3D plasma display at IFA 2012

Panasonic has applied its 3D technologies to achieve an even greater sense of realism with the development of world’s largest glasses-free 3D plasma display. Panasonic 103-inch glasses-free 3D plasma display reproduces high-definition 3D video with very little moire interference or crosstalk compared to other such systems. Through the use of 4K2K plasma panels, it is possible to display high definition 3D images at a resolution equivalent to HD, and by utilizing a newly developed barrier, moire interference and crosstalk has been reduced by about half of that of previous glasses-free 3D systems.

Panasonic 103-inch glasses-free 3D plasma display will be presented to the B2B field as new solutions for 3D businesses. Panasonic will exhibit these technologies at its corporate booth at the IFA 2012 show to be held in Berlin, Germany, from August 31.

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