Samsung launches BD-DT7800 Freeview PVR with 2D and 3D playback and recording

Samsung today announced the launch of BD-DT7800 a new Freeview PVR. The Samsung BD-DT7800 has twin HD tuners so viewers can watch one programme in HD, while recording another. With a 500GB built-in hard disc drive for saving and playing back content it allows users to edit TV programmes once they have finished recording them, so they can keep the best bits of a programme, and also list a TV series in order. The BD-DT7800 converts 2D content into 3D, so viewers can watch TV programmes, personal videos and web content in full 3D, with a pair of infra-red powered 3D glasses. The PVR not only records in 2D HD but in 3D too so viewers can re-live the immersive experience of 3D films, and sports matches time and time again.

The Samsung Smart Hub, which is built into the BD-DT7800 and all new products in the Samsung Blu-ray and Blu-ray Home Entertainment range, gives access to thousands of movies online, the opportunity to chat with friends on Twitter, Facebook or Skype, watch YouTube videos and enjoy music on demand, at any time. The BD-DT7800 also has built-in Wireless LAN so users can connect to the internet without any cables. The Samsung BD-DT7800 can act as a Digital Media Server also.