Korean Researchers Develop Technology that Can Transmit 50 high definition (HD) Movies in One Second

A team of Korean researchers has developed a part for an optical transmitter and transceiver that can transmit 50 high definition (HD) movies in one second. This technology makes it possible to send data without discontinuance in the 5G era. The ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute) Korea, informed that the research institute succeeded in developing and demonstrating a 400Gbps optical transmission and reception part which quadruples the data transmission capacity of an optical telecommunication network which can send 100Gbps per second. The research team succeeded in sending and receiving 400Gbps electric signals in the 510-km section between an ETRI lab in Daejeon and the Seoul metropolitan area last month.

The optical transmitter and transceiver component consists of an optical receiver device that converts a 400Gbps optical signal into an electrical signal and receives it and a tunable light source device that sends an electrical signal via an optical telecommunication network. The team assembled the two devices into a part at the centimeter level. Now it is possible to support various 5G services by replacing optical transmission and reception equipment with existing optical cables. This technology will be showcased at the OFC 2108.

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