LG U+ 86 Terabit Router can Process 2,400 DVDs (4.3 GB) in One Second

LG U+ has installed 86 terabit (Tbps) router equipment in its Internet backbone network in preparation for the opening of the 5G era in South Korea. The router can process 2,400 DVDs (4.3 GB) in one second. A 4.3 GB DVD can store one UHD movie. It is more than seven times faster than the router that has been used until now. For the 5G service, which is characterized by ultra-high speed and ultra-low latency, the data processing speed of the router equipment is important as it connects wireless and wired networks. This is the first time that a domestic carrier has introduced a router with a speed over 64 Tbps to commercial networks in Korea.

The 86 terabit (Tbps) router equipment was jointly developed by LG U+ and Nokia and was built based on the FP4 processor, which is the world’s first multi-terabit network processor developed last year. The FP4 processor can process data at 2.4 Tbps with a single chipset, leading to dramatic expansion of data processing capacity and reduction of power usage.

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