Cloud-Based Intelligent CCTV System to Revolutionize Criminal Justice Process in South Korea

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI) from South Korea has partnered with the National Police Agency to develop an artificial intelligence CCTV system for Korea. The cloud-based smart video surveillance platform will see a number of the institutes original cutting-edge security technologies implemented, ranging from autonomous accident detection and personal re-identification to high resolution license plate recognition. ETRI is focusing on developing a high quality CCTV system where blurry license plates can be enlarged in a three-step process to be seen more clearly, while further plans call for the development of the institute’s own autonomous accident detection system, which should be able to alert drivers three seconds prior to when an accident occurs.

When the new video surveillance system takes effect, it is expected to revolutionize the criminal justice process in South Korea as law enforcement agencies will then be able to identify and categorize vehicles in videos based on the color and the model while running the image and information of a culprit against CCTV footage to help track a moving vehicle carrying suspects. The research team plans to implement a trial run on Jeju Island in 2019. Thanks to deep learning technology, which can analyze a vast range of information, tracking down suspects through HD CCTV cameras in real time will also be possible. When the intelligent CCTV cameras are commercialized, they could replace previous outdated CCTV models.

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