Fujitsu develops new technology for accurately estimating postures of the human body from point cloud data using millimeter-wave sensor

Fujitsu today announced the successful development of a new technology that accurately estimate postures of the human body from coarse-grained point cloud data obtained with a common 79 GHz millimeter-wave sensor compliant with the Radio Law of Japan. The technology leverages an AI model for highly accurate estimations of postures of the human body and Fujitsu’s Actlyzer AI technology for analysis of complex human behaviors to analyze the movement of patients in detail before and after a fall without installing cameras in highly private spaces such as hospitals and nursing homes.

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Detailed analysis of various human behaviors (falling after standing up from bed or during walking as well as behavior before and after falling etc.) through utilizing Actlyzer, an AI technology able to analyze complex human behavior by combining approximately 100 types of basic movement data to support nurses and caregivers in visually monitoring patients and achieving a faster response time to emergency situations. Construction of a large-scale data set that combines point cloud data with three dimensional coordinates of human joints based on point cloud data extended to sufficient granularity to estimate the position of the human body to achieve estimations with higher accuracy.

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Fujitsu plans to deploy the newly developed technology at hospitals and nursing care facilities to support nurses and caregivers in visually monitoring patients and reacting to emergency situations such as falls of patients. Fujitsu will conduct field trials with hospitals and nursing care facilities to verify the effectiveness and improve the accuracy of the new technology with the aim to offer it as a service to the Japanese market by the end of FY 2023.