Kyocera Develops Low-Cost AI Based Smart Checkout System

Kyocera today announced the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Smart checkout system. This low-cost object-recognition checkout system from Kyocera offers significant productivity gains for retail commerce while reducing physical contact that can transmit viral infections. Conventional barcode-based systems are too time-consuming and automated AI-based systems using multiple cameras require large-scale capital investment. Kyocera’s Smart checkout system overcomes both obstacles: it can instantly recognize multiple overlapping products, making checkout more efficient while reducing physical contact; and, it can operate with a single camera, PC, and display, making deployment easier and more affordable.

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Kyocera’s AI architecture and extensive database of different product types reduces the machine learning time required when a store introduces a new product. Kyocera’s proprietary AI architecture system can register and recognize more than 6,000 different types of products. Self-checkout and automated AI payment systems are becoming more common at retail and convenience stores, especially in Japan, where automation represents a key solution to the growing labour shortage. These systems offer a potential means of preventing COVID-19 and other transmissible infections by reducing physical contact.

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