Mitsubishi Electric Develops Fast Force-feedback Control Algorithm for Industrial Robots

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a fast force-feedback control algorithm for industrial robots using its Maisart proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology, resulting in low-tolerance precision tasks to be performed with fewer trials and in less time compared to human-supported robot assembly. In company-conducted tests, the algorithm shortened assembly insertion times by about 65 percent without requiring the robots to move violently.

Thanks to Mitsubishi Electric’s Maisart AI technology, the new fast force-feedback control algorithm shortens assembly time and eliminates violent movements by assembly robots. Mitsubishi Electric expects the algorithm to improve the efficiency of robotic tasks for assembling electric components, such as printed circuit boards and connecters, and inserting mechanical parts. Mitsubishi Electric will exhibit its new fast force-feedback control algorithm during the International Robot Exhibition at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition complex from November 29 through December 2.

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