Mitsubishi Electric’s new camera-based technology to help prevent automobile accidents

Mitsubishi Electric today announced a ground-breaking announcement in the realm of automotive safety. Mitsubishi Electric developed revolutionary technology enables the detection of serious physical conditions experienced by drivers while driving. The technology estimates the pulse rate, changes in blood pressure, and other biometric data, collected through a contactless Driver Monitoring System (DMS) camera that is already in use to detect driver distractions and drowsiness. Unlike existing on-board technologies that detect abnormal posture due to sudden illness, this new system can detect abnormal biometric data even when the driver’s posture remains upright.

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The detection system is powered by Mitsubishi Electric’s proprietary AI, which uses Maisart AI technology to detect abnormal physical conditions even when the driver’s posture remains unchanged. This technology is especially crucial in Japan, where heart disease, epilepsy, and cerebrovascular disease are the top three medical causes of car accidents that often lead to death or serious injury. Using a proprietary AI, Mitsubishi Electric estimates biometric data such as pulse rate, pulse interval, pulse intensity, and changes in blood pressure collected through a contactless DMS camera. This new technology from Mitsubishi Electric brings us one step closer to a future where road accidents can be avoided, and drivers can safely enjoy their rides.

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