NEC and Realeyes jointly develop emotion analysis service in support of video communications

NEC and computer vision and artificial intelligence firm Realeyes have jointly developed a new emotion analysis service that combines NEC’s biometric identification and video analytics technologies with Realeyes’ emotion analysis technology. This is part of a collaboration announced in July 2020, and NEC will launch this service in January 2021. NEC aims to capture top share of the global emotion analysis service market, which is estimated to be worth 360 billion yen (3.4 billion USD).

Realeyes’ emotion analysis technology, which has been deployed for more than 180 customers worldwide, analyzes user interest and attention based on video communication. Results become available on an Analysis Dashboard almost instantly, and users can review and share results as needed. Due to the impact of COVID-19, video communications have become more common in our daily lives. However, there are many challenges to non-face-to-face communications, such as understanding the intent of other parties and fully grasping their reactions. As a result, user stress is becoming a more important issue.

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The new service works in coordination with video communication tools on PCs and smartphones to analyze user emotions from their facial expressions, only with their full consent and due consideration for privacy. This makes it possible to immediately grasp and detect areas of uncertainty in communication, even if participants are not meeting each other directly. Even in real-time interactions, the technology signals communication problem areas and opportunities to improve. By reviewing the Analysis Dashboard, the organizer can improve the organization and facilitation of the meeting, and participants can reflect on their own experiences.

NEC and Realeyes conducted technical verification of this service in August and September of this year, demonstrating the analysis of emotions for participants in web conferences. The capability to analyze the emotions of meeting participants in web conferences and understand their emotional changes has proven to be useful for organizers to reflect on their own progress. More effective online communications, especially during a global pandemic, improve society’s ability to do business, socialize and live better lives.

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NEC will provide a customized Analysis Dashboard where users can get feedback and advice based on sentiment analysis tuned for each application. NEC and Realeyes will provide service and support, while upholding users’ privacy and promoting digital wellbeing. NEC and Realeyes anticipate the service will be used in applications such as online meetings, training, education, customer support and sales activities, events, and other situations where mutual communication is important.