NEC Announces Next-generation ATM with Face Recognition and QR code reader in Japan

Seven Bank Japan and NEC today announced the development of a next-generation ATM, which has a facial recognition engine with the world’s No.1 certification accuracy. Top and bottom integrated screens, large fonts, animations, and easy-to-view coloring are adopted to enhance usability. Screens shown for making transactions are certified for Color. As a security measure, the ATM automatically detects financial crimes at ATMs and reports to the call center.

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Taking into account the advances in biometrics, AI, IoT, and other technologies, this next-generation ATM is capable of face recognition for identity verification and settlement with QR codes. In addition, it also utilizes AI and IoT to predict cash demand more precisely and detect prior warning of component failures, which helps to streamline ATM operations. Seismometers installed in the new ATMs will share data for assessing disaster situations and enhancing responses.

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Through the ATMs, Seven Bank and NEC will continue to provide safe and secure lifestyle infrastructure and provide new value in response to changes in society. The new ATMs are eco friendly as CO2 emissions is decreased by about 40% compared to current ATMs. The new ATM will be installed to replace old machines from this September in Japan.