1 GB ATP Petito and Toughdrive

Designed primarily for mobile professionals, Petito 1GB data storage is a reliable, an exceptionally high-speed and a high-capacity flash drive, featuring up to 30 MB/s (200X) data transfer rate. The stylish, distinctive housing offers absorption of shock from accidental drops, static electricity and is water/dust proof. It can retain data up to 10 year and has 100,000 cycle operation life. Everything including the shape and size of the 1GB ATP Toughdrive is designed with functionality as the highest priority. The stylish, distinctive Toughdrive offers absorption of shock from accidental drops and is water, dust and shock resistance. The tactile rubber surface along with grip lines make the ToughDrive easy to hold and grasp without dropping. By taking full advantage of USB2.0, the ToughDrive transfers files faster (up to 30MB/s), meaning less wait time for large file transfers and flawless multimedia streaming.

atp2.jpgIn addition to all these features both the drives are password protected. The 1GB ATP Toughdrive is available for approximately 17,000 Yen ($147). Measuring just 36.3×17.6×9.4mm Petito is ideal for transporting data, digital images, and presentations. The 1 GB Petito is available for approximately 17,800 Yen ($155).
Via Kenko (Japanese)