A Definitive Guide to Editing Photos on Mac

You can’t always capture a perfect shot, but you certainly have the ease to dwell in tranquillity with a fantastic picture. Yes, the professionals call it editing. However, people today assume they require an Adobe subscription for editing photos, even if it has to be semi-professional. 

But, believe me when I say that it is not valid. Some tools like Crop help eliminate the unwanted parts of the image. You can also change the aspect ratio to make it social media-ready. 

That’s not all! 

One of the most common questions that trigger the minds of Mac users is “Does Mac come with a Photo Editor”? Well, it does, and Photos for Mac is the answer. In addition to this, good-old Preview can open PDFs and images. You can make use of some essential tools and edit your picture on Mac. 

In this guide, we’ll know the ways of editing photos on Mac. Keep reading to find out:

How to edit images on Mac using the Photos app?
As an editing app, Photos has everything you need. You can adjust the light, color, sharpness, and quality of the images. It may not suffice your professional editing needs but is sure to cater to your everyday needs. 

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Now that we’re talking of Mac photos, have you seen the similar images in your gallery? They’re the cause of duplication, and deleting them holds paramount importance. Tech giants recommend following some tips for getting rid of these duplicates. These are all thumbs up for freeing up your storage space and boosting your Mac performance. 

Coming back to editing, it becomes essential to know that the photo editor works wonders with various features. It helps you in adjusting, resizing, rotating, cropping, and enhancing your pictures. You can also apply filters to your photos- without spending a penny.

To edit a picture on Mac, follow some steps:

  1. Launch the Photos app.
  2. Find the image you wish to edit in your library.
  3. Double click on the Photo you want to edit.
  4. Click on the Edit button on the toolbar.
  5. You’ll see three tabs above the image- Adjust, Crop, and Filters.
  6. Click on one, and unveil the other editing options in the right-hand menu.
  7. You can also press Command- Return to edit a picture in the Edit View. 
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How to crop an image using the Photos app?
You can click on the Auto button for straightening and cropping your Photo. This feature acts as a quick fix. 

If you wish to gain more control, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Photos. You’ll see your image library here.
  2. Double-click on the Photo you wish to crop.
  3. Click on the Edit option in the toolbar.
  4. From the top toolbar, click on the crop option. 
  5. You can crop the same from freeform or make use of ratio.
  6. Select the size under Aspect if you’re looking to set the ratio for cropping.
  7. Straighten your Photo with the help of alignment and click on Done to save your changes. 

The Conclusion:
Of course, you don’t require Preview or Photoshop to crop a picture on Mac. The in-built photos app provides you the bliss of editing images with ease. All you need is some basic image-editing knowledge. Nevertheless, whichever photo-editing app you choose, the instructions remain the same for cropping images.