Adlink announces 3U 8-Slot PXI Chassis with Smart Chassis Management

Adlink Technology Inc announced the launch of two new 8-slot 3U PXI chassis: the PXIS-2558T (with 8.4″, 800×600 resolution LCD touch panel display) and the PXIS-2508 (without LCD). These chassis feature one system and seven peripheral slots, smart chassis status monitoring and control, an operating temperature of 0-131°F, a quiet 41.6 dBA operating noise level, and a lightweight 13 lbs rigid construction for both bench-top and portable test & measurement applications. Fan speed, chassis temperature, and system voltage are continually self-monitored to ensure system stability. These chassis also support remote management from a remote system via a standard RS-232 port connection. Simple software commands can then be used to read chassis status and control on/off power.

Both Adlink chassis feature a lightweight rigid mechanical construction composed of an aluminum inner frame and metal outer shell. This feature makes PXIS-2508 and PXIS-2558T ideal for the testing applications requiring high portability.