Adlink launches ExpressCard-to-PCI Extension System

The Adlink ECS-8582-4S extension system enables a laptop computer with an ExpressCard slot to remotely manage and control PCI devices installed in an extension chassis. ExpressCard technology leverages the features of PCI Express bus but in a small form factor for laptop computer usage. With ECS-8582-4S, laptop users can easily plug an ExpressCard host adapter into the laptop, and then cable it to an extension chassis up to 7 meters away. The extension chassis is capable of accommodating four half-size PCI cards with built-in power supply.

The Adlink ECS-8582-4S extension system operates in 32-bit/33 MHz configuration with 132 MB/s full PCI bandwidth and comes with comprehensive hardware and software transparency. PCI cards installed in the extension system behave and work as if these are directly installed into the host system, requiring no additional drivers or software installation.