AMD Radeon Pro V340 Graphics Card Delivers Smooth GPU Experience From the Cloud To Virtually Any Device Anywhere

AMD today announced the flagship of their new Radeon Pro V-series product line – Radeon Pro V340 graphics card. The AMD Radeon Pro V340 graphics card is a high-performance dual-GPU Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution purpose-built to power and accelerate the most demanding datacenter visualization workloads, including CAD, design, Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and rendering. The AMD Radeon Pro V340 graphics card is a dual-GPU solution based on the advanced AMD “Vega” architecture, optimized to deliver extreme performance and high user density for virtualized environments. It is the first VDI hardware solution equipped with 32GB of ultra-fast, second-generation high-bandwidth memory, providing massive amounts of memory and bandwidth for today’s most complex design and media workloads.

The AMD Radeon Pro V340 graphics card is enabled by AMD MxGPU Technology, the industry’s only hardware-based GPU virtualization solution, which is based on the industry-standard SR-IOV (Single Root I/O Virtualization) technology. With MxGPU technology at its core, this hardware-based virtualized graphics solution provides high levels of predictable performance, enhanced security and support for up to 32 VMs per card. IT managers will also like the fact that this MxGPU solution is easy to set up and manage. Unlike other GPUs, the V340 delivers GPU virtualization to end users without end user licenses, providing enterprises with a lower cost per user.
The AMD Radeon Pro V340 graphics card delivers advanced features and technologies geared towards enterprise, DaaS and cloud gaming solutions to accelerate visualization workloads. The AMD Radeon Pro V340 graphics card is expected to be available in Q4 2018 from leading system providers.

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