AOpen idid i345 Smallest Do-It-Yourself PC in the world

The mini-ITX motherboard is compact in size and energy efficient form factor. But for DIY (Do-It-Yourself), users the availability of mini-ITX system components is not as good as ATX. Therefore, AOpen one of the number one small form factor system providers in the world has launched two models of idid i345 MoDT experience kits: i945GMt-FA and i945GTt-VFA. The AOpen idid i345 MoDT experience kits include a mini-ITX motherboard and an i345 shield kit. Model i945GTt-VFA supports the latest Intel Core 2 Duo, Core Duo, and Core Solo CPU (Code name: Merom and Yonah), combined with dual channel DDR memory up to 4GB and Intel Viiv technology.

0313.jpgAOpen i945GMt-FA and i945GTt-VFA both integrated VGA Engine in chipset with DVI/S-Video output, 7.1 channels and S/PDIF audio ports for great video and audio effect. And the SATA/IDE, Gigabit LAN, IEEE1394 USB2.0 ports PCI, and mini PCI slots for various expansions such as wireless card, TV tuner card. AOpen idid i345 MoDT experience kits combine with AOpen i945GMt-FA and i945GTt-VFA high quality motherboards and i345 shield kit for mini-ITX. DIY users will able to build and fulfill all kinds of applications with mini-ITX form factor.