AOpen miniPC Duo MP965-DR

A.jpgThe third generation miniPC Duo MP965-DR from AOpen adopts the latest Intel GM965+ICH8M chipset. The complete 64 bit-based design combined with Intel Core 2 Duo (Merom) 64 bit central processor and Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit version operational system allows consumers to experience the truly ultra-high performance of a 64-bit computer system. AOpen miniPC Duo MP965-DR enables customers who require complex computing and high performance to enjoy the convenience and compact design without sacrificing size for performance and cooling. In addition, AOpen miniPC Duo MP965-DR supports Intel Turbo Memory technology. Combined with Microsoft Windows Vista ReadyBoost functionality, it can further enhance the performance of system computing.Adopting two, brand new sets of miniCard architecture in expanded interface, new AOpen miniPC Duo MP965-DR provides customers options such as traditional TV turner, digital TV, Bluetooth modules and wireless network modules.

The four USB 2.0 expanded sockets on the front and back panels can satisfy consumers’ requirements for connecting common peripheral devices such as keyboards, mouse, MP3 players, and printers. Furthermore, AOpen miniPC Duo MP965-DR has the functionality of TV signal output and 5.1-channel audio output. Combined with 64-bit high performance, it is well qualified to be the digital audio and video hub in every household.