ASRock Unveils World’s Smallest Mini PCs – ASRock DeskMini

ASRock DeskMinTwo great minds Intel and ASRock working side by side have come out with one of the world’s smallest mini PCs – ASRock DeskMini. ASRock DeskMini is based on the latest Mini Socket Technology Extended form factor, otherwise known as Mini-STX. The Mini Socket Technology Extended (Mini-STX) form factor adds the flexibility to support Intel LGA 1151 socket-based Intel processors in the mini PC segment. The ASRock Mini-STX component stack provides valuable configurability options for the channel, by extending the DT tower building block model into some of the smallest mini PCs available today.

ASRock_ DeskMini_pcContrary to other run-of-the-mill small form factor systems, not only does DeskMini allow users to swap the CPU according to their own choice, it also packs enough headroom for a standard Intel box fan plus two 2.5 inch disk drives, all into the 1.92 liter chassis. While the whole setup is much smaller and power efficient than traditional desktop systems, it is also way more powerful than the current NUCs in the market. After conducting a series of tests, it was evident that ASRock DeskMini rocked the Cinebench R15, Sandra and 3DMark scores with an Intel Core i3-6100, compared to other mini PCs that sported a Core i7-6500U.

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