Asus Radeon HD 7990 Dual-GPU Graphics Card for ultra-smooth gaming with 6GB GDDR5

memoryAsus today announced the Radeon HD 7990 graphics card, a dual-GPU offering derived from 28nm AMD Radeon graphics processors. With twin GPUs based on AMD Graphics Core Next technology and 6GB GDDR5 video memory, the Asus Radeon HD 7990 easily handles the most demanding DirectX 11.1 PC games in ultra-settings and resolutions above 1920 x 1080. The Asus Radeon HD 7990 delivers the power of two HD 7970 GPUs, totaling 4096 Stream processors and 256 texture units. Customers can fine-tune its performance with GPU Tweak, a user-friendly utility with a highly approachable interface.

Asus Radeon HD 7990 graphics card is also ready for ultra HD 4K video, delivering the finest graphics performance and the convenience of a standard 2-slot height. With two GPUs factory-paired on the board, customers only require one free PCI Express 3.0 slot without needing to use AMD CrossFireX multi-GPU bridging. In seconds, customers may adjust GPU core and video memory speeds and voltages, graphics card fan speed, and power consumption targets (or thresholds). Multiple profiles for different games can be created and saved, all with instant ease and no learning curve.
For dedicated gamers, the Asus Radeon HD 7990 presents an ideal power platform. Its fast 6GB GDDR5 memory enables highest-resolution textures and utmost visual fidelity. The Asus Radeon HD 7990 supports Windows 8-based DirectX 11.1, the newest version of the Microsoft API. The card has the power and compatibility to deliver the latest effects and technologies, including advanced tessellation and shader tracing, resulting in the most realistic games available to date.