Asus Republic of Gamers Announces Maximus VII Impact Mini-ITX Z97 Motherboard

Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced Maximus VII Impact, a Z97 chipset-based mini-ITX gaming motherboard ready for the latest 4th-, new 4th- and 5th-generation Intel Core™ processors — codenamed ‘Haswell’, ‘Haswell Refresh’, ‘Haswell Refresh K-Series’ (‘Devil’s Canyon’) and ‘Broadwell’ — and engineered with new and exclusive ROG game-boosting features to provide ATX-level power and performance. The new motherboard includes ROG’s reinvented RJ45 socket — LANGuard. Advanced signal-coupling technology and premium surface-mounted capacitors improve throughput, while surge-protected and electrostatically-guarded components (ESD Guards) protect against lightning strikes and static-electricity discharges.

Asus_Maximus VII Impact_gaming_motherboardMaximus VII Impact’s exclusive innovations includes the Impact Power II full-scale voltage-regulator module (VRM) for ultra-smooth, ultra-reliable power, SupremeFX Impact II dedicated sound card for flawless audio, Intel Gigabit Ethernet and GameFirst III for no-lag networking with a winning advantage and the fastest connectivity from the pre-installed mPCIe Combo IV module — dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi and PCI Express 3.0 M.2 x4.
Asus_Maximus VII Impact_gaming_motherboardAsus Maximus VII Impact is packed with innovations that give gamers vital boosts. These include the upgraded mPCIe Combo IV + 802.11ac / Bluetooth 4.0 module for the latest high-speed connectivity, with mini PCI Express (mPCIe) on one side and a PCI Express 3.0 x4 M.2 socket on the other for direct-from-processor transfer speeds of up to 32Gbit/s. The black nickel-coated Q-Shield protects hands from nicks and cuts, Q-DIMM makes fitting and removing memory modules easier and safer, and the corrosion-resistant, stainless-steel back input/output (I/O) panel lasts up to three times (3X) longer than traditional panels.

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