Asus Z87-DELUXE/DUAL motherboard comes bundled with NFC EXPRESS

Asus Z87-DELUXE/DUAL is the first Intel 8 series-based motherboard certified for Intel Thunderbolt, shipping with two ports of the advanced connectivity standard, comes bundled with Asus NFC Express. Based on near field communication technology, the external NFC EXPRESS accessory from Asus enables instant pairing with Android smart devices and the included NFC tag through simply touching them to the sensor box. Content such as photos and videos can be transferred from smart devices to desktop PCs with a tap. NFC EXPRESS automatically backs up content added to Android devices since last syncing them with a desktop PC.

With NFC EXPRESS, simplified Windows 8 access and interaction become available to a wider user audience, whether for personal or professional use. As an added bonus the device includes two USB 3.0 ports that transfer data at up to ten times the speed of USB 2.0.

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