ASUS AquaTank Graphics Card Cools with Innovative Water Cooling Technology

Enjoy 11% Faster Graphics and 12°C Lower Temperatures with ASUS Exclusive All-In-One AquaTank Solution. Users have always demanded greater performance while retaining a cool temperature for their graphics cards. ASUS answers this need with the new ASUS EN8800GTX AquaTank/HTDP/ 768M graphics card. With an innovative all-in-one water-cooled module, this graphics card is able to push performance by 11% and still be 12°C cooler than generic GF8800GTX cards. The Asus EN8800GTX AquaTank/HTDP/768M is equipped with the latest AquaTank all-in-one watercooled module – allowing the GPU to run at temperatures 12°C lower than the reference thermal module design.

Additionally, the module fits perfectly into standard PCI slots inside the chassis that saves precious PC interior space.

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