ASUS Arctic Square CPU cooler for Quad-Core Processors

The new compact Arctic Square CPU cooler from Asus incorporates innovative features, including double side fins, dynamic fan speed control and four copper heat pipes in order to deliver efficient heat dissipation for the latest quad-core processors. The Arctic Square offers quiet performance and a unique design with a blue LED, providing a peaceful computing environment and a stylish system interior. The voltage regulation shield inside the cooler directs airflow created by the 9cm LED fan to surrounding VRM (voltage regulation modules) – critical to processor operation and overall system reliability. This unique design effectively reduces VRM temperature by 10-15˚C.

The Asus Arctic Square CPU cooler supports Intel’s Core 2 Extreme series, Pentium D Dual-Core CPU, and Pentium 4 LGA775 processors; as well as AMD’s Socket AM2/940/939, Athlon 64-FX, Athlon and Sempron processors. Able to support so many different processors, the Arctic Square is ready to cool the latest and most powerful computing platforms in the market. The Arctic Square CPU cooler measures 108 x 106 x 135 mm and weighs 666g.