Asus Bravo220 Graphics Card designed with energy savings in mind

The Asus Bravo220 Graphics Card is designed from the start with energy savings in mind. Its thermal landscape balances thrifty operation with the need for uncompromising performance as a multimedia anchor, resulting in 21% better power efficiency compared to competing models. The cooling solution also boats silent 0dB operation, with no fans needed. Instead, Bravo220 uses oversized heatsinks and advanced materials to ensure quick heat dissipation and greater longevity, without falling back on power-hungry active cooling.

The integrated EMI shield reduces emissions, thus safeguarding users and PC components from any potential harm. The sturdy fuse protection guarantees longer-lasting operation for the Bravo220 Graphics Card even in the face of fluctuating power supplies. Asus Bravo220 enables seamless multimedia fun for everyone, with a feeling that’s the same as on a high-end consumer A/V setup.