ASUS DRW-2014S1T X-Multi Drive with Over- speed Burning technology Backs Up Data 29mins Faster!

The new Asus DRW-2014S1/S1T supports 5X DVD-RAM write, 16X DVD+/-R/RW and 8X DVD+/-R dual layer media sources. It also features Over-speed Burning – a feature that saves users precious time. The Over-speed Burning technology enables to burn DL 2.4X discs at 8X speeds. Users need only need to spend 18 minutes rather than 47 minutes while waiting for data backups – a time savings of 29 minutes!
The ASUS DRW-2014S1/S1T also adopts several innovative burning technologies such as FlextraLink that prevents buffer under run problems and eliminates the creation of unusable discs, while FlextraSpeed enhances accuracy and reliability when writing and rewriting across a broad range of certified media.
The AVRS technology is designed to minimize the vibration caused by the spindle motor and resonance between components as well as the drive and PC cases. With AVRS, ASUS DRW-2014S1T provides high readability and playability.

The ASUS DRW-2014S1/S1T supports the latest double layer technology, which almost doubles the DVD+R storage capacity from 4.7GB to 8.5GB – providing up to four hours of DVD quality video archive capabilities. In addition, this new double layer technology provides full storage capacity that is achievable on one side of a single disc without the need to turn it over.