Asus DSEB-D16 series server board with up to 90% power efficiency!

In line with Intel’s new generation platform (Stoakley platform) launch, Asus has today announced the DSEB-D16 series server board – the next-generation 45nm Intel Xeon 5400/5200 processor ready platform with green design capable of 90%+ power efficiency. Featuring cutting-edge technology that includes FSB 1600MHz, FB-DIMM 800MHz, PCI-Express Gen2 x16 and IOAT2, the DSEB-D16 series is the most performance-driven server board that is ideal for enterprise-class and computing demanding applications.
The 16 FB-DIMM slots in the DSEB-D16/SAS provide up to 64GB memory capacity for high computing capabilities, and are divided into two zones (8-DIMM per zone) to provide better airflow compared with designs with only one row.

The DSEB-D16/SAS also provides two PCI-E Gen2 x16 slots (for high speed Infiniband connections or professional graphic cards); with each supporting up to 8GB/s bandwidth – double that of PCI-E (1.0). Also available are a PCI-E x8 expansion slot and one PCI-X interface for advanced hardware RAID upgrades. The Asus DSEB-D16/SAS comes with a built-in Quad-LAN that features a “teaming” technology that integrates four high-speed Gigabit LAN ports into a single one – providing almost four times the transferring bandwidth.