Asus Dual Intelligent Processors Motherboards for high Performance and energy savings

Asus has announced a new approach to motherboard design, Dual Intelligent Processors, with two intelligent co-processors responsible for system optimization towards better performance and greater energy efficiency. This cutting edge architecture comprises the TurboV Processing Unit, or TPU, and Energy Processing Unit, or EPU. Together they help users benefit from extreme system performance while still conserving the environment by reducing a PC’s ultimate carbon foot print. The TPU relieves much of the stress put on the CPU during intense tasks, tuning overall resources to achieve the fastest performance possible. The TPU supports various Asus-exclusive performance tweaking innovations, and this auto tuning feature quickly finds optimized system settings to boost output up to 37%.

The Asus proprietary EPU or Energy Processing Unit monitors and moderates power consumption, helping users save energy and ultimately lower their carbon emissions. EPU programming keeps close watch on actual usage, reducing consumption during low intensity activities and opening up processing capabilities when needed. Asus Dual Intelligent Processors technology is available on a full range of motherboards.